Make sure you have Game Build above 2842.


It is mandatory to download the following resources for the correct functioning of the script, we strongly ask you to read the documentation of each resource for its correct installation.

DependeciesDocumentationDownload Latest Version

Ox Target

Ox Lib


Important: It is important that you do not change the name of the resource or you will spoil the cash register.

  1. Download the script from your FiveM keymaster. You will receive a .zip file named [japanese]

  2. Open the japanese] compressed file.

  3. Copy the [japanese] file into the newly created [dadi-market] folder.

  4. Extract the contents of the compressed file by right-clicking and selecting the 'extract here' option.

  5. Ensure that the following folders are generated: [dadi-japanese].

  6. Delete the [SQL] folder as it is not necessary for the script installation. (optional step)

  7. Start your FiveM server.

Following these steps will complete the installation of the dadi japanese script on your FiveM server. Now, the script will be ready to use for your players.


  1. Simply copy the dadi-clothes folder into the [dadi-market] directory.

  2. Ensure that your FiveM server has buildGameForce version 2842 or higher. This is necessary to ensure compatibility with the clothes installation.

  3. Once the dadi-clothes folder is placed in the [dadi-market] directory and your server meets the required buildGameForce version, the clothes will be installed and ready to use in your FiveM server.

Following these steps will complete the installation of the clothes. Your players should now be able to access and use the clothing items provided by the 'dadi-clothes' script in your server.

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