✨Before the Magic

Failed to verify protected resource

If you use any ftp to transfer files, try using another one as it may transfer the corrupted file.Make sure to use a different FTP client, such as WinSCP6.1.

You lack the required entitlement

Please try restarting your server and verify your keymaster account.

I have not received my discord roles yet

Please visit https://dadimarket.shop to obtain them. After logging in, refresh the page and navigate to the left-hand side where you'll find the "Discord Roles" section.

If you can't have your roles after that, we invite you to open a support ticket at: ⊱tickets

Folder structuring recommendation

For an organized project environment, it is crucial to adhere to a recommended folder structure. Specifically, within your resources folder, located in

path-to\txData\ESXLegacy_[id].base\resources, you should create a subfolder named [functions].

Within the [functions] folder, organize your scripts by creating additional subfolders named after the store from which you purchased your scripts. For instance, if you purchased scripts from Dadi Market, you would create a subfolder within [functions] called [dadi-market]. Place all the scripts purchased from Dadi Market inside this folder.

This structure not only helps in keeping your project organized but also simplifies the process of locating and updating scripts when necessary.

└── [functions]/
    └── [dadi-market]/
        β”œβ”€β”€ script1
        β”œβ”€β”€ script2
        └── ...

Once you have made the recommended folder structure, follow the next steps:

  • Open the server.cfg file located in path-to\txData\ESXLegacy_[id].base.

  • Find the section corresponding to 'ESX Addons' within the 'server.cfg' file.

  • Add the following line of code within the 'ESX Addons' section: ensure [dadi-market]. This tells the server to load all folders within '[dadi-market]' as scripts.

  • Save the changes to your 'server.cfg' file.

Prior to submitting a new support ticket, kindly follow these steps

  1. Read our asset documentation.

  2. Ensure the asset is up-to-date.

  3. Confirm that all SQL queries (if applicable to the resource) have been executed.

It may be necessary to install AnyDesk, which is a software that enables a user to remotely access and control another computer. This can be useful in situations where a Dadi Market representative needs to troubleshoot technical issues on your computer by accessing it from a remote location.

Please note that depending on the nature of the support you require, there may be a fee associated with the service.

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