[ESX] [V1.1.2]

Important: See our complete documentation for details of each point about the Dadi Paints.

Discover the revolutionary vehicle customization experience with "Dadi Exotic Paints" in Dadi Market! This exclusive ESX script allows you to take the look and feel of your vehicles to a whole new level.

The Dadi Paints script offers a revolutionary vehicle customization experience on your FiveM server. This unique ESX script allows you to take the appearance and style of your vehicles to an entirely new level. Here are the key features of this script:


  • 🎨 Chameleon Paints:

    • With over 80 chameleon paints, vehicles can instantly change color based on the surrounding light.

    • These iridescent paints add a touch of magic to vehicles, creating stunning and unique effects.

  • ⚑ Special Effects:

    • In addition to color changes, you can add special effects to your paints.

    • Incorporate glimmers, shines, and unique patterns to stand out on the streets of FiveM.

  • ⏭️ Interactive Painting System:

    • Players can paint their vehicles using an inventory item: a paint can.

    • When using the paint can, the character performs an animation while painting the vehicle, circling around it.

  • πŸ—ΊοΈ Expanded Paint Options:

    • Dadi Paints offers a variety of customization options for vehicles on your server.

    • Players can express their unique style and bring their cars to life with vibrant colors and stunning effects.

    • The script is developed in Lua and seamlessly integrates with the ESX library.

    • it does not require any table in the server’s SQL database.

To avoid any problems with the installation or operation of the script, we strongly recommend reading and downloading the following resources.

✨pageBefore the Magic


This is a graphical representation of the folders and files that come inside the script.

|-- config
|   |-- config.lua
|-- meta
|   |-- carcols_gen9.meta
|   |-- carmodcols_gen9.meta
|-- stream
|   |-- vehicle_paint_ramps.ytd
|-- .fxap
|-- client.lua
|-- colors.lua
|-- fxmanifest.lua
|-- server.lua
Principal FoldersFolder Description


In this folder you will find the main code of the script, where you can find the configuration files and the source code of the script. In case you have any doubts regarding its configuration, we recommend you to visit: ConfigInstallation

Good to know: Remember that in our discord you can ask for support so that we can help you if you have any problem with the installation.

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