[ESX] [V.1.0.5]

Important: See our complete documentation for details of each point about the Dadi Rewards.

Welcome new players to your FiveM server with the Dadi Rewards script! This script provides a seamless way to equip newcomers with essential items, giving them a head start in the world of your server. Empower them to dive right into the action and enhance their gaming experience.

The Dadi Rewards script is designed to welcome new players to your FiveM server by providing them with an initial kit. This kit gives them an advantage when starting in the server world, equipping them with essential items. Here are the key features of this script:


  • 🔤 Easy distribution of initial kits:

    • When a new player joins the server, the script provides them with a kit containing basic items.

    • Administrators can customize the content and quantity of items in these kits.

    • Multiple pre-defined kits can be set up to cater to different player needs.

  • 🎁 Included items in the kits:

    • Kits can contain a variety of objects, such as:

      • Cell phones and radios: For in-game communication.

      • Food and water: To maintain player energy.

      • Vehicles: Facilitating mobility.

      • In-game virtual currency: Not real money, but useful for in-game transactions.

      • VIP currency: A way to reward players who support the server through real payments.

    • The script utilizes the ESX library, making it easy to implement on your existing server.

To avoid any problems with the installation or operation of the script, we strongly recommend reading and downloading the following resources.

pageBefore the Magic


This is a graphical representation of the folders and files that come inside the script.

|-- [SQL]
|   |-- SQL.sql
|-- dadi_rewards
|   |-- client
|   |   |-- client.lua
|   |-- server
|   |   |-- server.lua
|   |   |-- webhook.lua
|   |-- .fxap
|   |-- fxmanifest.lua
|   |-- shared.lua
Principal FoldersFolder Description


In this folder you will find the code and configuration for inserting the necessary tables into the server database. If you have any problems or doubts we recommend you to visit: SQL Installation


In this folder you will find the main code of the script, where you can find the configuration files and the source code of the script. In case you have any doubts regarding its configuration, we recommend you to visit: Installation Config

Good to know: Remember that in our discord you can ask for support so that we can help you if you have any problem with the installation.

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